What Exactly Are Colors?

Colors can be a representation of anything even if they're on a fast-food logo or a pair of cool socks. To some, this may be a boring lecture you'd get in school, but there are hundreds of colors.

Each color even has it's own background and meaning behind it! You may even be more inclined to certain colors and would buy cushion socks or other clothes that relate to that color.

If you look at your closet or other areas you may see a certain color or a bunch of shades. You may be thinking, what exactly a shade is well it's black, white, and grays.

Blacks, greys, and whites are usually used alone but they're also used with colors to creates shades and tints! Creating even more possibilities to choose from! There is an endless number of variables when you decide to pick a specific color.

There are even more if you factor in the variations of colors certain animals see. We have three color receptors which are red, green, and blue, that makes 3. Shrimp can have up to 16 color receptors! Think of all the possibilities with that range!

Although, we can't see that many colors so we'll stick with what we do see, hundreds of different variations of 3 colors!